miniTruco Privacy Policy

Last revision: Aug 10, 2023


miniTruco is an open-source card game which can be played on a single device, on multiple devices via Bluetooth, or connected to an internet server to play with other people.

It is a not-for-profit game, with no advertising or fees, developed as a hobby project with my personal resources to give people a free game to play.

This page/document details how the game, the server and the author handle your data and your privacy - the general goal is to collect as little data as possible to enable the game to be playable. I encourage you to review it before downloading or playing the game, in order to decide if its policies suit you and your jurisdiction.

Data collected

Data not collected

Data storage

Data security

Data usage


The behaviour above can be audited by anyone by examining source code of the game server and the server provisioning configuration.

Further information

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact the author using the mechanisms provided either on the app, or the marketplace/”app store” where the game was downloaded.

Carlos Duarte do Nascimento
creator and maintainer of miniTruco