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Day Job - A Story of Chasing Dreams

20 Oct 2013 | Comments

There is no shortage of documentaries about startups, and that is understandable: the idea of bootstraping an idea into a viable enterprise is fascinating, and the reality is filled with real-life sweat, joy and drama that owes nothing to fiction.

Given that, I jumped at the opportunity of watching the premiere of Day Job, which puts under a microscope the journey of three companies through one of the Extreme Startups accelerator programs. Between the tight schedules and limited budgets, an interesting story ensures. Check the trailer:

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How realistic? Well, after the event we had the opportunity of watching a Q&A with the film’s director and the three entrepreneurs, which pretty much backed the film depiction. It is yet unclear how/when the movie will be distributed, but I’d keep an eye if I had not already seen it.

Day Job Premiere Screening - Q&A