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05 Feb 2010 | Comments

Unfortunately, ceased to exist as an URL shortener,
but I decided to keep the article as a curiosity.

A URL shortener like TinyURL or is a handy tool on these Twitter times. But even shortened URLs from those services can get a bit too long when you are on tight spots.

Enter, arguably the shortest URL shortener in town – which, unfortunately, does not come with a one-click shortening option like’s bookmarklet. It does, however, offer an API, with which I quickly hacked a minimalistic bookmarklet.

Just drag and drop the link below to your browser and turn anything in your browser into a short URL with a single click:

<a href="javascript:location.href="''+escape(location.href);"" id="a_unu"></a> <- drag that to your browser’s toolbar.

UPDATE: Real stupid mistake – forgot to escape the URL (but hey, I told it was a quick hack :-P ) – fixed now (Feb 9, 2010).