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Space Nutrients Station 100%FOOD (meal replacement)

11 Oct 2014 | Comments

I got pretty excited when I first read about Soylent. Don’t get me wrong: I do like food (otherwise I’d not need to track everything I eat to mantain my weight), and I also understand its social aspect. But having to decide what to eat, preparing/going after it burns a time I’d rather spend on more fun things.

Unfortunately, Soylent doesn’t deliver in Canada (yet). But I found an alternative in Space Nutrients Station 100% Food. It is a mix of different foods that, just like its creppy-sci-fi-named competitor, claims to offer all the nutrients you need on a single meal. After a quick exchange of emails, I purchased an 8-bottle sampler kit with PayPal and had it here in about a week.

The standard preparation is to add water to the bottle and shake, but I didn’t enjoy it much that way. However, you can (and should) try different liquids and add-ons - I experimented it with almond milk (good, but too sweet) and yogurt ice cream (too thick), and settled on skimmed milk plus an apple or banana.

This last mix (prepared with half a bottle of 100%FOOD) has a consistency/flavor that is a middle ground between porridge and a milkshake, which I found both tasty and fulfilling.

Unlike Soylent, you can’t pre-make a large batch (it gets jelly-ish). Also, adding a fruit required a blender. The Magic Bullet (which I already had at home) solved both issues: it is so small, easy-to-clean and cheap that I purchased a second one to leave at the office.

With the logistics in place, I purchased a larger batch and replaced around four meals a week with 100%FOOD. It felt healthier and I even lost a little weight - nothing earth-shaking, but an added incentive to keep me on it. Of course I’ll try Soylent when it becomes available - but I’m already happy with this one.

P.S.: I also tried Vega. It tastes slightly better, but costs a bit more and didn’t convince me as a safe meal replacement for regular use. Still, if 100%FOOD sounds a bit too “homemade”, it is definitely worth trying.